Ability of plants for rapid growth and reproduction

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Q1. There is a rainbow of GFP variants available. How is it probable to obtain this variety of fluorescing colours? Is it possible to obtain a "GFP variant" with the similar chromospheres as the original GFP? Explain the answer.

Q2. In the preparation of the esters in this experiment, the reaction product was extracted with 5 percent sodium bicarbonate solution (NaHCO3) in the isolation step. Why? What gas was evolved throughout the washing step?

Q3. Given an amount of sunlight that hits the plants on our planet, and ability of plants for rapid growth and reproduction, how come we are not all hip deep in dead plants?

Reference no: EM137134

Briefly explain why rna is usually single-stranded

Draw a chain of 2 RNA nucleotides. Use R for the nitrogenous bases. Then, briefly explain why RNA is usually single-stranded and why it is less stable than DNA. Modify the d

Hemoglobin values

Hematocrit values may be estimated from hemoglobin values by multiplying the hemoglobin value by three. Discuss how do the actual hematocrit values of your sample compare with

How cell metabolism affects the processing of a pear

Describe how cell metabolism affects the processing of a pear as it moves through the process of cellular respiration. Be sure to list each step of cellular respiration and

Define briefly dualism and monism

Define briefly Dualism and Monism. Which philosophical approach best represents your day to day thought about human behavior? How would you go about the scientific study of

Describe the process of pulmonary ventilation

Describe the process of pulmonary ventilation, the subsequent changes in partial pressures, and how that relates to the exchange of gases both in pulmonary and systemic circ

Devastating neurological disease from lack of normal enzyme

Tay Sachs disease is inherited as an autosomal recessive. It is a devastating neurological disease that results from the lack of a normal enzyme "A" whose job is to metabolize

Is this consumer maximizing his total utility

For a consumer, the marginal utility of good A is 25 and its price is $5. The marginal utility of good B is 60 and its price is $12. The consumer has allocated his entire budg

Define the cystic fibrosis

based on prevalence numbers i need to find how many ppl in acollege (2514 ppl) have cystic fibrosis. what do i do to find howmany are carriers of cystic fibrosis with these


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