A student heard that the average household watches 26.4 hour

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A student heard that the average household watches 26.4 hours of t.v. per week, with a stand.dev. of 2.3 hours. He decided to run his own experiment and found that the average for the 58 people he surveyed was 27 hours. a) state H0 and H1 b) calculate the test value c) identify the critical value when a=.01 d) what conclusions can you make?

Reference no: EM13240812

Determining appropriate procedure

To investigate whether female executives are experiencing pay-discrimination, a researcher samples the incomes of 300 male and 300 female executives. Which procedure would b

Find the cumulative distribution function

Find the cumulative distribution function.- Find the probability that at most four additional hours are slept.- Find the probability that at least two additional hours are sle

The setup cost for placing an order to replenish inventory

The demand for a product is 600 units per week, and the items are withdrawn at a constant rate. The setup cost for placing an order to replenish inventory is $25. The unit

Probability of poisson distribution

Accidents at a chemical plant occur at a rate of 1.9 per month. Find: The expected number of accidents in a year? The probability of no accidents next month?

Flexible working schedule for women with children

What is the probability that 30% or fewer male employees will indicate that they have to pick up the slack for mom's working flextime ?

Determining the first four positions

A panel of 11 jurors needs to be selected from a group of 25 people. How many different juries can be selected? In a race with eight swimmers, how many different orders of fin

Find the marginal revenue for the production levels

Assume that a demand equation is given by q = 9000 minus 100p. Find the marginal revenue for the given production levels(values of q). (Hint: Solve the demand equation for p

Determine the probability that both interviewees are women

The shortlist consists of 7 men and 3 women. Because all the shortlisted applicants are considered to be equally qualified, the names of two of them are drawnn, one after th


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