A speeder traveling 45 miles per hour

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Pblem 1:

Police chase: A speeder traveling 45 miles per hour (in a 25 mph zone ) passes a stopped police car which immediately takes off after the speeder. If the police car speeds up steadily to 60 miles/hour in 10 seconds and then travels at a steady 60 miles/hour, how long and how far before the police car catches the speeder who continued traveling at 45 miles/hour?

Pblem 2:?The velocity of a car after t seconds is 3t2feet per second.

(a) How far does the car travel during its first 10 seconds?

(b) How many seconds does it take the car to travel half the distance in part (a)?

Pblem 3:?The figure below shows the graph of f(x) and the areas of several regions.

Pblem 4: Evaluate:

Pblem 5: The figure below shows the velocity of a car during a 5 hour trip.

(a) Estimate how far the car traveled during the 5 hours.

(b) At what constant velocity should you drive in order to travel the same distance in 5 hours?


Reference no: EM13823739

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