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Sea Green has just lost a product liability suit with damages of $7 million being awarded to the plaintiff. Although Sea Green will appeal the judgment, legal counsel indicates the judgment is highly unlikely to be over turned by the appellate court. The product liability insurance carried by Sea Green has a policy ceiling of $3million. What is the amount of liability of Sea Green Enterprises and its owners if the form of the business entity

a. A sole proprietorship?

b. A partnership?

c. A C corporation?

d. An S corporation?

Reference no: EM13793642

The balance in the finished goods inventory account

Cerrone Inc. has provided the following data for the month of July. The balance in the Finished Goods inventory account at the beginning of the month was $53,200 and at the en

Residual income of this years investment opportunity

Westerville Company reported the following results from last year’s operations: What is last year’s residual income? What is the residual income of this year’s investment oppo

What will be reported on government-wide financial statement

What will be reported on government-wide financial statements in connection with this gift and how does the answer to need (a) change if the government decides to depreciate

Trade discounts with no cash discounts allowable

Kim Co. purchased goods with a list price of $194,600, subject to trade discounts of 20% and 10%, with no cash discounts allowable. How much should Kim Co. record as the cost

Plant and equipment exceeded its carrying amount

On June 30, year 1, ABC Co. purchased for cash at $20 per share all 300,000 shares of the outstanding common stock of DEF Co. At June 30, year 1, ABC’s balance sheet showed a

Describe each of the three main financial statements

Describe each of the three main financial statements-the end products of the work that takes place in an accounting system over a period of time-studied in the course. What

What are the prime costs and conversion costs per unit

What is the product unit cost for Job 14, which consists of 300 units and has total manufacturing costs of direct materials, $4,500; direct labor, $7,500; and overhead, $3,600

Uses flexible budget to forecast manufacturing overhead

Rex has a bakery that specializes in dog treats in a variety of sizes and flavors. Rex uses a flexible budget to forecast manufacturing overhead, which is then allocated to pr


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