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need to answer two questions about cracker barrel. I had to read the follow website and answer the listed questions.
1.Go the SEC website and read the press release, "Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc, Reaches Agreement with U.S. Department of Justice on Procedures to Address Claims of Discrimination". If you have difficulty finding this press release, search for "diversity" on the Cracker Barrel website.
2.Next, read the article, "Cracker Barrel Customer Says Bias Was 'Flagrant'"
from USA Today.

5.Which areas of corporate activity should be open to broader scrutiny through shareholder resolutions? How much stake in the company should a shareholder have in order to present a resolution?
6.If a controversial corporate policy is reversed only after a decade of defiance, how should the company's public relations officers present the change to the media?

Reference no: EM13330323

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