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Common maize rust is a serious disease of sweet corn. Researchers in New York state have developed an action threshold for initiation of fungicide applications based on a regression equation relating maize rust incidence severity of the disease (Phytopathology, Vol.80,1990). In one particular field, data were collected on more than 100 plants of the sweet corn hybrid Jubilee. For each plant, incidence was measured as the percentage of leaves infected (x) and severity was calculated as the  log (base 10) of the average number of infections per leaf (y). A simple linear regression analysis of the data produced the following results

a. Interpret the value of  

b. Interpret the value of r2.

c. Interpret the value of s.

d. Calculate the value of r and interpret it

e. Use the result, part d, to test the utility of the model. Use α = .05. (Assume n = 100.)

f. Predict the severity of the disease when the incidence of maize rust for a plant is 80%. [Note: Take the antilog (base 10) of  to obtain the predicted average number of infections per leaf.]

Reference no: EM131111344

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