A review on advanced glycated end products (ages)
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AGEs are defined as the amine containing molecules which are formed through the nonenzymatic reaction between the reducing sugars and free amino groups of proteins, lipids and guanyl nucleotides in DNA. This report envelops the critical aspects related to AGEs under following heads:-

1.      Definition of AGEs: Advanced Glycated End Products

2.      Sources of AGEs

3.      Biology of Advanced glycation

4.      Metabolism of AGEs

5.      Receptors of AGEs

  • SR-A (Microphage Scavengers Receptors type I&II
  • OST-48 (Oligosaccharyl Transferese-4; AGE-R 1)
  • 80 KH Phosphoprotein (AGE- R 3)
  • Galectine 3 (AGE R-3)
  • LOX 1 (Lectine-Like Oxidized lower density Lipoprotein Receptor -1)
  • CD-36

6.      Antagonists of AGEs

7.      Retinopathy

8.      Neuropathy

9.      Nephropathy

10.  Atherosclerotic Diseases

11.  Measurement of AGEs

12.  References

Long-term studies validating both the specificity and sensitivity of this investigation, and its link to certain AGEs, remain to be confirmed. Thus, currently there is no evidence that the measurement of AGEs has any clinical use, and importantly, AGE measurements should not be considered a replacement for HbA1c as a marker of overall glycemic control.

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