A review of the movies

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The media has, on numerous occasions been used to communicate to the audience on a series of issues. That includes featuring the history, politics and other social aspects of the society. Movies are a perfect example of the use of media to communicate to the audience. The audience does not necessarily have to be domestic. It can also include the audience from the international community. Perfect examples of the movies that have been used to address the occurrences that have transpired in history include “The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter” and “The Red Lantern.” Usually, it becomes easier to understand that it becomes easier to communicate an idea or concept through the media as compared to most other approaches. In a bid to ascertain this, the paper intends to conduct a detailed analysis of the provided movies. The analysis of the movie will be focused on some aspects including the history and politics reflected in the movies. Further, a comparative analysis will be conducted between the two films by the themes and structure. Most importantly, an analysis of the characters will also be conducted to influence substantial comparison between the two movies. 

A Review of the Movies

Movie 1: The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter
  • Political aspect of the film
  • Character review 
Movie 2: Raise the Red Lantern
  • Political Review 
  • Characters review
Please include following sections in review report
  • Comparison from a Historical Perspective,
  • Similarities and Differences.
  • Comparison from a Character Perspective 
  • Comparison Regarding Structure for the Targeted Audience

Your report should be included with Title page, Minimum five references and No more than 4500 words limit...

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First, in a bid to conduct a substantial review on both movies, an overview of the history, politics and character roles in the movies is conducted on an individual basis. However, before making any assertion, it is imperative to denote that both movies are based on a feminist ideology. However, the two address different historical prospects from the different countries in which women took a different role than they were perceived to considering that there were frequent stereotypes regarding their nature of femininity. Below are a detailed summary and analysis of the historical context of the movies.

Reference no: EM131193635

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