A rectangulr cross section alumina bar

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A rectangulr cross section alumina bar, E=415 GPas , v=0.23  of initial lengths 100mm in the x direction, 10mm in the y direction and 20mm in the z direction, is loaded in compression by a load of 50 kN applied in the x-direction. What are the strains and dimensions in each direction under this load?



Reference no: EM13848144

Plot the lift and drag forces exerted on an airfoil

Plot the lift and drag forces exerted on an airfoil as a function of velocity. Use velocity values going from 0 to 45 m/s on a log-linear plot (log-scale on the y axis).

Air undergoes an isentropic process

Air undergoes an isentropic process from P_1 = 100 kPA and T_1 = 300 K to a final state where the temperature is 700 K. Assuming an ideal gas, find P_2 using both the ideal ga

Dissipates heat by free convection

A thin long electric heater of width 20 cm is placed with its width oriented vertically. It dissipates heat by free convection from both sides of its surface into air at 20C.

The moment of inertia of the cross section

Derive an equation for the bending deflection δ of the bat at B, where the ball hits the bat, in terms of the applied load, P, the span, lAB, the Young's modulus of ash, E and

Thermal efficiency of cycle-net power output of power plant

A steam power plant operates on a simple ideal Rankine cycle between the pressure limits of 3 MPa and 50 kPa. The temperature of the steam at the turbine inlet is 300 C and th

Determine the optimum young''s modulus for a linear elastic

Write a material parameter extraction tool in your favorite mathematical software language, and use the tool to determine the optimum Young's modulus for a linear elastic ma

Balanced-cross-flow compact heat exchanger

A balanced-cross-flow compact heat exchanger is required for an air heating system that processes 0.5 kg/s air. The inlet temperature for the hot water is 295 K, and the cold

How high is the balloon above standard sea level

A weather balloon carries a mercury barometer in order to determine altitude as a function of flight time. At a particular moment, the barometer gives a reading of 476 mm. How


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