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Suggest a reasonable number of significant digits for reporting the following common values and give some indication as to your reasoning: a. Your body weight for a passport b. A car's fuel usage (use liters per 100 km) Strain gauge Eo Excitation voltage Voltmeter Output voltage 2.121 (Resistance, R) Tensile loading Resistance, R R R Figure 1.16 Strain gauge setup used for Problem 1.46. Problems 39 c. The weight of a bar of pure (at least 99.5%) gold (consider a 1 kgf bar and a 100 oz bar) d. Distance traveled by a body in 1 second if moving at 1 m/s (use meters 

Reference no: EM13837184

Drilling fluids-volumes-tripping jobs

Drilling fluid plays an important role in any drilling activity.  It is the main controlling parameter in well control.  Its main function is to control the bottom hole pres

Determine the heat transfer coefficient for laminar flow

Determine the heat transfer coefficient for laminar flow over this cylinder. First, at your discretion, select an available set of experimentally obtained data from the lite

Calculate for the maximum heat transfer by forced convention

Air moving at 0.3 m/s blows over the top of a chest type freezer. The top of the freezer measures 0.9 m by 1.5m and is poorly insulated so that the surface remains at 10ºC.

Find the displacement, velocity and acceleration

For each configuration shown in table 1, determine the angular displacements, angular velocities and angular accelerations of links 3 and 4 graphically and analytically . Us

Determine the heat transfer and work for both processes

2.2 lb of ammonia in a piston cylinder assembly undergoes two isothermal processes in series. The first process from an initial state where p1=120lbf/in^2 with a quality is 85

Steam power plant that operates ideal reheat rankine cycle

Consider a steam power plant that operates on the ideal reheat rankine cycle. Steam enters the high-pressure turbine at 6 mpa and 400°c and leaves at 2 mpa. Steam is reheated

Calculate enough points and plot a time-temperature graph

A 35lb block of tin is to be heated from room temperature to a relevant temperature for casting, Calculate enough points and plot a time-temperature graph if the heating is

Find the natural frequencies and modes

ENME352-16B: Dynamics Assignment. Using the MATLAB code given in Appendix 1, find the natural frequencies and modes. You will need to change the definition of elements of the


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