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Find the annual report for a public company engaged in manufacturing (e.g., Apple, GM, Pfizer). Carefully review the financial statement and other materials (e.g., Management Discussion and Analysis), focusing on the company's manufacturing processes. Prepare a 2-3-page memorandum describing the company's manufacturing processes and methods used for allocating costs to its products and its cost structure (e.g., operating leverage). Based on your review, list additional information you might like to see (i.e., the information not provided by the GAAP financial. For purposes of this assignment, you need not worry about making extensive calculations based on management accounting as that information will not be furnished to you in the company's annual report. The objective is to have you raise issues that you can glean from the GAAP financial statements that you might delve further into as a management accountant. 

Reference no: EM13744207

What arguments would you make for advance pricing agreement

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Explain the similarities and differences between job order costing and process costing. In your explanation, provide examples of when job order costing and process costing

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Analyze the potential opening of the patio from a qualitative standpoint. Include a discussion of the pros and cons of the patio and discuss the implications of each.

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Required: Prepare the journal entries in the books of Federation Ltd to record the acquisition of Nigeria Pty Ltd and a statement of financial position for Federation Ltd im

Managerial accounting-budgeting

Explain the logical flow represented in the master budget, beginning with the organization goals and ending with the pro forma financial statements.

What is meant by the expression decomposition

Describe the four patterns typically found in time series data. What is meant by the expression "decomposition" with regard to forecasting? Briefly describe the process.


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