A power plant contains a scada

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1. For the following asset, assign a low, moderate, or high impact level for the loss of confidentiality, availability, and integrity, respectively. Justify your answers.
A power plant contains a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system controlling the distribution of electric power for a large military installation. The SCADA system contains both real-time sensor data and routine administrative information. Assess the impact for the two
data sets separately and the information system as a whole.

2. Data compression is typically used in the transmission of data or in the storage of data. Let's suppose that you want to use data compression in conjunction with encryption. Does it make more sense to
a. Compress the data first, then encrypt the result, or
b. Encrypt the data first, then compress the result?
Justify your answer.

3. In the context of the cipher block chaining (CBC) mode of operation, answer the following
a. Is it possible to perform encryption operations in parallel on multiple blocks of plaintext
in CBC mode? How about decryption?
b. Suppose an error occurs in a block of ciphertext on transmission using CBC. What effect is produced on the recovered plaintext blocks? 

Reference no: EM13735662

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