A person in favor of affirmative action plans

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What is a good argument for a person In favor of affirmative action plans in the workplace, including premises and a reasonable conclusion that follows the premises.  the specific topic is discrimination and affirmative action in the workplace

Discrimination and Affirmative Action

1. My paper will be about the dispute on affirmative action to resolve the discrimination problem in the workplace and the effectiveness of affirmative action in the workplace. Affirmative action has been scrutinized for years on the changes it has brought about in workplaces for minorities and women who were not able to advance their capabilities before these affirmative action programs were in place. My objective is to show that employers should utilize affirmative action plans more often, given that it provides results in terms of higher diversity in the workplace.  To accomplish this goal I will discuss how individuals in society within certain social groups should be granted the right to promote themselves in society via special programs.

2.       Argument

Reference no: EM13874148

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