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1)  Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats: From a marketing perspective, which is the most important? Why? How might your response change if you were the CEO of a corporation? What if you were a customer of the firm? An employee? A supplier? (Note: This question requires your own critical thinking).

2) China and India are emerging markets that will have a significant impact on the world in coming years. The term "Chindia" is used to describe the growing power of these two countries. Do some research on demographic and economic trendsrelated to Chindia's power, and its impact on marketers in the United States. Write a report, supporting your discussion of these trends with statistics/data. Note: Do not plagiarize information from the Internet research. Instead, explain in your own words these trends and their marketing impact. If you include a copy of a short data table or chart, you must interpret what it means in your own words. This assignment will be submitted through Turnitin, and your score for this report should not exceed 20%. 

Reference no: EM131013959

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