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1) Everyone needs more for less. A lower price for the similar goods is a powerful magnet for customers. What is the concern?

a) It is counter to market penetration pricing strategy

b) Company value

c) Support niche marketing

d) Isn't valuable to all consumers

e) All are incorrect

2) Notice in the marketing imitation with regard to cost of production as the number produced (sold) increases the cost per unit decreases at an increasing rate. What is not a factor?

a) Economies of scale

b) Experience or learning curve

c) Volume discounts

d) Selective distribution

3) If you can generate large sales volumes, production costs per unit will habitually drop dramatically. Lower costs for the goods sold will permit you to lower your prices and/or increase your profits. Which pricing technique would work with this strategic approach?

a) Market skimming

b) Penetration pricing

c) Rebating

d) None are correct

Reference no: EM1348284

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