A list of n+1 integers between 1 and n

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Let's say you have a list of N+1 integers between 1 and N. You know there's at least one duplicate, but there might be more. For example, if N=3, your list might be 3, 1, 1, 3 or it might be 1, 3, 2, 2. Print out a number that appears in the list more than once. (That is, in the first example, you can print '1' or '3' -- you don't have to print both.)


Reference no: EM131013072

Find the velocity of the gases at the nozzle exit

A turbojet aircraft flies with a velocity of 1100 km/h at an altitude where the air temperature and pressure are -35°C and 40 kPa. Air leaves the diffuser at 50 kPa with a v

Functions currently reflected in the pedagogy

What functions does literacy play in the out-of-school lives of adolescents? To what extent are these functions currently reflected in the pedagogy, curriculum and assessmen

Why is the digital explosion happening

Why is the digital explosion happening?As more and more information including personal information gets digitized, why are computer professionals going to have even more mo

Test app named datetest that demonstrates class date''s

Provide a method displayDate that displays the month, day and year separated by forward slashes (/). Write a test app named DateTest that demonstrates class Date's capabilit

Write a function to calculate the cost of laying the cable

Telecommunications A cable company wants to provide service for residents of an island. The distance from the closest point on the island's beach, point A, directly to the m

Why program design is important

What is a program design? Why program design is important? What program design tools are available? Discuss in details by studying at least three program design tools and how

Formal structuring of data

In this research assessment, you will scrutinize, interpret, and evaluate secondary data. To accomplish this, you will select a research study using three credible sources a

What is its surface temperature

A spherical interplanetary probe of 0.5-m diameter contains electronics that dissipate 150 W. If the probe surface has an emissivity of 0.8 and the probe does not receive ra


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