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For this assignment, you will develop professional communications to a specific scenario with diverse audiences. Even when responding about the same issue, the tone, style, structure, and content may vary depending upon your audience. You will need to take into account the audience and the communication outcome required.

As the local manager of a new entertainment business for children, you must abide by franchise rules by not awarding free passes for services for the first year. You have just received several requests of this kind. Prepare a paper to include your responses to the following request scenarios:

• A letter from a local public school requesting free passes for their charity auction.

• An email from a local social service organization requesting free passes for their clients.

• A Facebook message and subsequent post from a local city councilman requesting free passes for a charity raising money for a new children's wing to the regional hospital.

• A blog link forwarded to you by a local mom highly advocating your business and then noting how it would be great if you could offer a buy one get one free option to defray costs for families of multiple children.

• A memorandum from the franchise leadership asking for input on its no free passes policy.

Reference no: EM13726747

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