A growing trend in building construction

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A growing trend in building construction is to convert shipping containers into vacation homes, suburban homes, apartments, and even office buildings. Gather information from the Web about this trend. Then construct a questionnaire to determine how likely a target group (such as young professionals, retirees, or second-home purchasers) would be to use that type of construction.

Reference no: EM13699804

What are the different ways to define and measure variables

What are the different ways to define and measure variables? How can researchers choose which ones to use?  What are examples of ways to assess reliability and validity

Color-blind an educator

If race is an illusion, why is it so dangerous to be “color-blind” as an educator? How can we work to combat institutional racism in our schools and society?

Legal status of minors in counselling

You're a counselor at a high school. Critically discuss the legal status of minors and the implications of this status on the counseling relationship.

What advantages identified in newly proposed federal system

What advantages would you have identified in this newly proposed federal system. Write a paragraph to try to sell this new system to the other states creating the new union

Explain the importance of each performance measurement

Given the statistics of Middleville and its two (2) competitors provided in Table 1, recommend to the HCO what areas it should focus on to maintain its competitive market sh

Employee motivation and productivity

Find 5 peer-reviewed articles about employee motivation and productivity and, discuss scholarly views on the nature and types of theory. Be sure to distinguish theory from r

Louisiana healthcare and federal government

I'm having problems finding information on Louisiana health care system. I have to answer these questions, and I can't seem to find what I am looking for. Could you please h

What types of deficiencies did the nursing home receive

What types of deficiencies did this nursing home receive in its most recent survey? Discuss the scope and severity of these deficiencies. What would you do to correct some o


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