A growing number of americans work for foreign-owned firms

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1. A growing number of Americans work for foreign-owned firms in the United States. Do you think that these American employees are being influenced by the foreign owner's approach to management and the culture of the country of the owner?

2. Assume that you want to develop your global skills so that you can pursue international assignments with your company. Identify five skills that you would want to develop and describe how you would go about improving these skills.

3. Based on Hofstede's findings, which countries do you believe are most different from the United States? Defend your answer.

The assignment asks for answers of about 250 words each supported by TWO different sources with in-text citations in APA format and a reference list showing all sources at the end of all questions. The book is Managing Organization Behavior book by Gibson, Ivancevich, Donnelly, Konopaske Edition 2014

Reference no: EM13500458

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