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A fabric mill has developed the following forecasts (in hundred bolts of cloth). The mill has a normal capacity of 275 units (a unit = hundred bolts) per month, and employs 275 workers. Regular labour cost is $ 2,000 per unit and overtime labour cost is $3,000 per unit. Up to 50 units per month can be made during overtime. The beginning inventory is zero. Hiring cost is $1,000 per worker and layoff cost is $500 per worker. The inventory holding cost is $1,000 per unit per month and backorder cost is $5,000 per unit per month. a) Develop a level output/workforce plan. b) Starting with your answer to part a, use the trade-off analysis to find the minimum cost aggregate production plan. Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Total Forecast 250 300 250 300 280 275 270 1,925

Reference no: EM131029089

Defined benefit plan and defined contribution plan

Compare and contrast ‘defined benefit plan’ and ‘defined contribution plan’. Why are defined contributions pension plans gaining in popularity in the United States and defined

The use of a debit card for the collection of tolls

A toll tunnel has decided to experiment with the use of a debit card for the collection of tolls. Initially, only one lane will be used. Cars are estimated to arrive according

Reworking findings to make them more useful or appealing

Reworking findings to make them more useful or appealing: When others offer an opposing view, try to: Documents that focus on what people need to learn, do, or decide are:

Factors can cloud our decision making in ethical dilemma

How might an African government apply Porter's National Competitive Advantage Diamond to further spur cellular phone specialization within a country? How does culture affect a

Distinctive region economically

Although a new nation was created under the Constitution in 1789, there were already significant differences between the North and the South. Discuss the evolution of the Sout

Cost performance index and the estimated cost at completion

The work on an IT project is uniformly distributed over the project duration of 12 months. The total approved budget for the project is $720,000. At the end of the first quart

Write an assignment on the topic dubai islamic bank

Write an assignment on the topic Dubai Islamic Bank around  3000 words,Assignment should contain the following thinks:a.       Interdictorb.      History of bankc.       Your

How is additional capacity gained on the bottlenecks

How is additional capacity gained on the bottlenecks? Why does it appear that the bottlenecks are spreading? What is the impact of this? What is done to correct it? What are t


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