A definition of intranet is a network of an organization

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Scenario: You have been approached by your children's school to help the school nurse create a set of e-mail guidelines for the teachers and students. Please create a minimum 200-word paper, listing and describing completely at least 5 guidelines that you have created. As your write your paper, please consider the following:

• A definition of intranet is a network that is part of an organization. In this case, the intranet would include the e-mail accounts assigned to the teachers and students by the school. For example, using your student e-mail to send e-mails to instructors or non-student e-mail addresses.

• For this discussion, internet identifies systems outside of the school's control, including e-mail accounts not provided by the school. For example, any personal e-mail account that a person uses to send electronic mail messages.

• As a parent, do you feel comfortable with students and teachers sending e-mails via their personal accounts, or do you feel that the school provided e-mail accounts are the best account to use to communicate about school information?

What about the school nurse, using a personal e-mail to discuss children's health related issues? What steps can the school take, if any, to ensure the information shared in private e-mail accounts stays secure? What about professionalism? Can a person, be professional when using a personal e-mail account?

Reference no: EM13758018

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