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11.If a casual vacancy in the office of auditor arises by his resignation it should only be filled by the company in a........ a) Board meeting b) extraordinary general meeting c) General meeting d) annual general meeting
12.For the purposes of section 224(IB) the number of partners of a firm which shall be taken into account would be as on the date of _ a) completion of audit b) auditor's report c) acceptance of audit d) Starting of audit work
13.Which of the following is counted for the purposes of section 224(IB) the number of partners of a firm which shall be taken into account would be as on the data of ___ a) Joint audit b) Audit to non­profit companies c) Audit of unlimited companies d) All of the above e) (a) and (b) only
14.Mr. Narayan, a Charted Accountant, has nineteen audits, Out of following audits which audits should he accept to ensure he doesn't violate provisions of section 224(IB) __ a) Audit of Zeba Ltd. a private company b) Audit of branch of Pointec Ltd. a foreign company c) Audit of two branches of Virtue Ltd. an Indian company d) All of them
15.Which audit out of the following would not be regarded as one audit for the purposes of section 224(IB)? a) Audit of one branch each of two different companies b) Joint audit c) Audit head office & branches d) Audit of one or more branches of a company
16. The auditor of a Government company is appointed by the C & AG. His remuneration is fixed by__ a) the C & AG b) the shareholders c) the shareholders at an annual general meeting d) the board of directors
17.The section which contains provisions regarding remuneration of the auditor is_ a) Section 224(9) b) Section224(7) c) Section224(8) d) Section224(6)
18.The authority to remove the first auditor before the expiry of term is with_ a) the shareholders in a general meeting b) the shareholders in the first annual General meeting c) the board of directors d) the Central Government
19.Which of the following statements is not correct regarding removal of first auditor before expiry of the term? a) He is removed at a general meeting b) The shareholders are authorized to do so c) The approval of the Central Government is required for such removal d) The provisions for such removal are contained in section 224(7)
20.The retiring auditor does not have a right to___ a) make written representations b) get his representations circulated. c) be heard at the meeting d) speak as a member of the company

Reference no: EM13696116

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