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5NH024 Skills for Safe and Effective Practice - University of Wolverhampton

LO1: Recognise, respond and justify approaches to distress or deteriorating states of mental, physical, cognitive and behavioural health.

Demonstrate the use of the ABCDE approach to recognise deteriorating states of health.
(You could devise a table in your work or include it as an appendix.)

Explain your findings, in light of the normal observation parameters. Refer to relevant supporting evidence.

Refer to any relevant tools e.g. NEWS2 and justify their use.

Demonstrate a clear understanding of the cut-off points or scores that would trigger a response.

LO2: Demonstrate knowledge of a range of interventions, pharmacology and pharmaco-dynamics in the assessment and management of changing health states.

Critically discuss the chosen interventions.

Provide an evidence-based rationale for the provision of care.

Incorporate contemporary guidelines, policy, standards that influence current practice.

Treatment may include drugs and therapies.

LO3: Demonstrate how an individual's capacity for independence and self-care might be assessed in a range of diverse settings using a person-centred approach.

Consider the recovery journey.

Consider the ongoing management, which may include:

Provision of co-ordinated multidisciplinary care

Admission / follow-up clinics

Physical and rehabilitation needs

Psychological and emotional needs

Attachment:- Skills for Safe and Effective Practice.rar

Reference no: EM132705077

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