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Valuation Ratios 

The valuation ratios relate to the firm's stock price and its earnings. Valuation ratios are used for determining the relative attractiveness of a given stock based on its current price or market capitalization. These ratios are very useful to the investors to know and analyze the value of their investment. The major ratio falling under this head is earnings per share, Price to Earning ratio, Book Value per Share, Market Value to Book Value ratio, and Dividend Payout ratio. These ratios indicate the company's past performance and future prospects from the point of view of shareholder. If the liquidity, asset management, debt management, and profitability ratios all look good, then the market value ratios will be high, and the stock price will probably be as high as can be expected.

Ratios reveal more information and are interpretable and meaningful when compared with prior year ratios, industry ratios, competitor's ratios, or predetermined standards.

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