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Monohydric Alcohols - Chemical properties of monohydric alcohols, Hydroxy Compounds

Chemical properties of monohydric alcohols : Characteristic reaction of alcohol are the reaction of the - OH group. The reactions of the hydroxyl group consists of either cleavage of C - O bond or the cleavage of O - H bond.

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         C - O bond is weaker in the case of tertiary alcohols due to +I effect of alkyl groups while - OH bond is weaker in primary alcohols as electron density increase between O - H bond and hydrogen tends to separates as a proton.

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         Thus primary alcohols give the most of reaction by cleavage of O - H bond while tertiary alcohols are most reactive because of cleavage of C - O bond. Hence - O - H cleavage reactivity order : Primary > Secondary > Tertiary  and C - O - cleavage reactivity order : Tertiary > Secondary > Primary alcohol


         (i) Alkylation2112_chemical properties of monohydric alcohol2.png

         (ii) Reaction involving cleavage of  550_chemical properties of monohydric alcohol3.png  with removal or substitution of -OH group

         (a) Reaction with hydrogen halides : Alcohols give alkyl halide. The reactivity of HX is in the order of HI > HBr > HCl and the reactivity of ROH is in the order of benzyl > allyl > 3° > 2°> 1°. The reaction follows a nucleophilic substitution mechanism.

         Grove's process

            1622_chemical properties of monohydric alcohol4.png

         If alcohols react with HI and red phosphorus, alkane will be formed.

            809_chemical properties of monohydric alcohol5.png

         Primary alcohols follow S N2 mechanism . 

         1577_chemical properties of monohydric alcohol6.png

         In secondary and tertiary alcohols, the S N1 mechanism operates

1832_chemical properties of monohydric alcohol7.png

         (b) Reaction with PCl­5 2366_chemical properties of monohydric alcohol8.png       (Analytical test for alcohols)

         (c) Reaction with PCl­3 :

            1961_chemical properties of monohydric alcohol9.png

         (d) Reaction with thionyl chloride [SOCl2] :

            1991_chemical properties of monohydric alcohol10.png

         (e) Reaction with ammonia :

            1629_chemical properties of monohydric alcohol11.png

         (f) Reaction with HNO3 :

1632_chemical properties of monohydric alcohol12.png

         (g) Reaction with H2SO4 [Dehydration of alcohol] : The elimination of water from a compound is known as dehydration. The sequence of simple dehydration is Tertiary > Secondary > primary alcohol. The multiplication of dehydration of alcohols is depending upon the nature of dehydrating agents and temperature.


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