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Models and Modeling - Characteristics of a Good Model, Advantages & Disadvantages of Models

Characteristics of a Good Model A model does not always have the characteristic of being a yard stick it can be explanatory rather than merely descriptive. Following are the chief characteristics that a good OR model should have.

1.      A good number should be capable of taking into account new formulations without having any significant change in its frame.

2.      The number of assumptions made should be as small as possible.

3.      It should be simple and coherent, i.e. number of variables used should be small.

4.      It should be open to a parametric type of treatment. Such situations are often foced when response to an advertising campaign or the customer acceptance of a new product is studied.

5.      A model should not take much time in its construction for any problem.

6.      It should express the relations and interrelations of action and reaction of cause and effect in operational situations.

Advantages of a Model

1.      It provides some logical and systematic approach to the problem.

2.      It incorporates useful tools which help in eliminating duplication of methods applied to solve specific situations.

3.      Models help in finding avenues for new research and improvements in a system.

4.      It indicates the nature of measurable quantities in a problem.

5.      They provide economic descriptions and explanations of the operations of the system they represent.

Disadvantages of a Model

1.      They are only an attempt in understanding operation and should never be considered as absolute in any sense.

2.      Validity of any model with regard to corresponding operation can only be verified by carrying the experiment and relevant data characteristic.

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