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Defining Microcontroller

A microcontroller can be termed as a small computer contained on a single integrated circuit. It contains a processor core, programmable input/output peripherals and memory. A small ram is included in the program memory along with NOR flash and OTP ROM. In contrast to the microprocessors which are rarely used in personal computers and other general purpose application, the microcontrollers are designed for embedded applications.

The automatically controlled products and devices contain microcontrollers. For example automobile engine control systems, remote controls, implantable medical devices, toys, office machines, power tools and other type of embedded systems. Microcontrollers are more economical; than micro processors and have a reduced size as well as cost as compared to microprocessors. The design is also simpler as compared to a microprocessor system with a separate microprocessor, input/output devices and memory with an enhanced functionality of digital controlling more devices and processes. For controlling non digital and non electronic systems, mixed signal microcontrollers are the common integrating analog components needed.

For low power consumption, some micro controllers use four bit words while operating at clock rate frequency which can be as low as 4 kHz. They generally retain their functionality while they wait for an event such as button press or other interrupt. They are also well suited for long lasting better applications, as power consumption while sleeping (CPU clock and most peripherals off) is just in nano watt. Performance critical roles are also served by microcontrollers, where they act like digital signal processor with higher power consumption and clock speed.

The embedded systems and the micro controller

The microcontrollers are used as an embedded system and have a processor and memory along with peripherals. A majority of them are often embedded in other types of machineries like automobiles, appliances, telephones and the peripherals of the computer system these are also termed as embedded systems. Some embedded systems have the minimum requirement for memory and program length; have low software complexity and no operating system, while some other embedded systems are highly sophisticated. Switches , relays, LED’s, small or custom LCD displays, solenids, sensors of data such as humidity, temperature, light level etc, and radio frequency deices are the typical and most commonly used input and output devices. Embedded systems often do not have human interaction devices of any kind and usually lack screen, keyboard, printers, disks and other input and out put devices of a computer.

Features and various aspects of microcontroller

A microcontroller must be able to provide predictable and real time response to the events occurring in embedded systems which they are in control of. The programs of microcontroller should be contained and must fit in the available on chip program memory, as an external system with expandable memory would be more costly. The high level language and the assembler language codes are codes are converted by the compilers and assemblers into a machine code compact enough for storage in the microcontroller’s memory. The program memory can be read only memory (programmable only at the factory), permanent memory or erasable read only memory. The input/output pins (GPIO) contained in microprocessor are several to dozen in number. If configured to an input state, the GPIO pins read sensors or external signs. When configured to an output sate, the pins can drive the external devices such as motors or LED’s.

Initially the microcontrollers were programmed only in the assembly language, but now other high level programming languages are also used to target microcontrollers. Some versions of general purpose programming language are used, for example c programming language while some other languages are designed specially for microcontroller programming. Some microcontrollers contain environments which act as an aid in developing creating languages. Some vendors of microcontrollers make tools which make it easy to adopt their hardware. These tools are free of cost.

Some examples of microcontrollers are Intel 8051,parallax propeller, free scale 68HC11(8 bit), silicon laboratories pipelined 8051 microcontrollers, STMicroelectronics STM8(8 bit), ST10(16 bit) and the STM32(32 bit), Free scale Cold fire (32 bit) and so8(8 bit), Atmel AVR(8bit)., Hitachi H8,Hitachi super H(32 bit),Infineon microcontroller 8 ,16, 3 bit micro controllers for automotive and industrial applications, NEC V850(32 bit) etc.