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Condensed Matter Physics - Semiconductors Formation

Semiconductors Formation

pn junction when p – and n – type semiconductors of same material either Si or both Ge are joined to form a homojunction such a pn junction is formed. 

Depletion layers close to the junction a layer exists devious of carriers due to the migration of carriers to the opposite sides the electrons migrate from n – side taken up by acceptor impurity atoms near the junction and become negatively ionized. Similarly donor impurity atoms close to the pn junction on n – side get positively ionized and hence create a potential barrier or factious battery.

Forward biasing if positive terminal of an external battery is connected to p – type and negative terminal to n- type width decreases. 

Reverse biasing if positive terminal of the external battery is connected to n – type and negative terminal to p – type. The potential barrier increases. The deletion layer width increases and current is due to minority carrier.

Note that when forward biased by a voltage greater then, barrier potential, a large current flows and when reverse biased a very small current flows. Hence pn junction acts very closely like a value

Equation of current in pn junction

I = I[ev/vt-

Where IS reverse starvation current, V = applied potential VT = thermal voltage 

VT = KT/e = 0.026V at 300 K.

Where k is Boltzmann’s const T is temperature of an electron and e is the charge.

Dynamic or incremental resistance

r = ?V/?I = dV/dI

is called dynamic resistance 

From the equation of the diode

dI/dV = Is/VT e v/NT = I/V

in case diode is forward biased 

or  r = dV/dI = VT/I if I = I mA then rf = 26 O (low). - Semiconductors Formation Assignment Help, Semiconductors Formation Homework Help, Semiconductors Formation Assignment Tutors, Semiconductors Formation Solutions, Semiconductors Formation Answers, Condensed Matter Physics Assignment Tutors

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