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Semiconductor Amplifier

Amplifier is a circuit which gives power gain.

Property Common base amplifier Common emitter amplifier Common collector amplifier
Input impedance Low Medium high high Medium high
Output impedance High High Low
Current gain (Ai) A= α < 1 Ai β > 1 Ai = (β + 1) > 1
Voltage gain (AV) Av = α RL / Ri >1 = Ai RL/re >1 Av = βRL / Ri > 1 = Ai RL / re > 1 Av = (β +1) RL / Ri < 1 = Ai RL / Rb < 1
Power gain Ap Ap = Av. Ai = α2 Rl / re > 1 nil Ap = β2 RL / rb > 1 1800 or π - rad Ap = (β + 1)2 RL / rb > 1 nil
Input and output      

It is clear from the above table that common base amplifier is a voltage amplifier as it amplifies only voltage.

Common collector is a current amplifier as it amplifies only current. 

Common emitter amplifies both current and voltage. It gives a phase shift of 1800 or π - radian between input and output signal. Common collector amplifier is also known as emitter follower or a buffer amplifier.

Amplifiers may be of four types
(i) Class A
(ii) Class B 
(iii) Class AB
(iv) Class C

Class A amplifier complete signal O – 3600 is amplified therefore. It is used when the signal is small that is at the input stage or first stage.

Class B amplifier class B amplifiers amplify half the signal O – 1800 or 1800 to 3600.

Normally output stage of an audio amplifier is class B. rather, class – B push – pull amplifier.

Class AB amplifier class AB amplifiers amplify more than 1800 but less than 3600 of the signal.

Class C amplifiers amplify only pulses when the signal is large. Class c amplifiers are used in transmitters. - Semiconductor Amplifier Assignment Help, Semiconductor Amplifier Homework Help, Semiconductor Amplifier Assignment Tutors, Semiconductor Amplifier Solutions, Semiconductor Amplifier Answers, Condensed Matter Physics Assignment Tutors

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