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In this special addition we trace the origin of the science of magnetism and its subsequent growth. A Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus had observed as long back as 600 BC tat a naturally occurring ore of iron attracted small pieces of iron towards it. This ore was found in the district of magnetic in Asia Minor in Greece. Hence the ore was named magnetite. The phenomenon of attraction of small bits of iron steel cobalt nicked etc towards the ore was called magnetism. The iron ore showing this effect was called natural magnet. The structural formula of the natural ore was Fe3 O4. 

The Chinese discovered that a piece of magnetite, when suspended freely always points out roughly in th north south direction. Thus a natural magnet has attractive and directive properties. A magnetic compass based on directive property of magnets was used by navigators to find their way in steering the ships.

That is why magnetic was also called lode stone in the sense of leading stone. The natural magnets have often irregular shape and they are weak. It is found that a piece of iron or steel can acquire magnetic properties on rubbing with a magnet such magnets made out of iron and steel are called artificial magnets artificial magnets can have desired shape and desired strength. A bar magnet a horse shoe magnet magnetic needle compass needle etc. all are artificial magnets. - Science Of Magnetism Assignment Help, Science Of Magnetism Homework Help, Science Of Magnetism Assignment Tutors, Science Of Magnetism Solutions, Science Of Magnetism Answers, Electromagnetism Assignment Tutors

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