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You can make a position using the CREATE ROLE report, but you must have the CREATE ROLE program advantage to do so. Generally, only stability staff has this program advantage.

You must give each position you make an exclusive name among established usernames and position brands of the collection. Functions are not in the schema of any person. In a collection that uses a multisystem figure set, Oracle suggests that each position name contain at least one single-byte figure. If a position name contains only multisystem people, the secured position name/password blend is substantially less safe.

The following report makes the worker position, which is approved by the collection using the code bicentennial:

CREATE ROLE worker IDENTIFIED BY bicentennial;

The IDENTIFIED BY condition describes how the person must be approved before the position can be permitted for use by a particular person to which it has been naturally. If this condition is not specified, or NOT IDENTIFIED is specified, then no endorsement is necessary when the position is permitted.

Functions can be specified to be approved by:

The collection using a password

Software using a specified package

Externally by the os, system, or other exterior source

Globally by an business support service

These authorizations are reviewed in following areas.

Later, you can set or modify the endorsement means for a position using the ALTER ROLE report. The following report changes the worker position to specify that the person must have been approved by an exterior resource before empowering the role:


To modify the endorsement means for a position, you must have the ALTER ANY ROLE program advantage or have been naturally the position with the ADMIN OPTION.

Specifying the Type of Role Authorization

The use of a position approved by the collection can be secured by an associated code. If you are naturally a position secured by a code, you can help or eliminate the position by giving the appropriate code for the position in a SET ROLE report. However, if the position is created a normal position and permitted at hook up time, the person is not necessary to get into a code.

The following report makes a position supervisor. When it is permitted, the code morework must be offered.

CREATE ROLE supervisor IDENTIFIED BY morework;

Granting Object Privileges

You also use the GRANT report to grant subject benefits to functions and people. To grant a subject advantage, you must accomplish one of the following conditions:

You own the subject specified.

You have GRANT ANY OBJECT PRIVILEGE program advantage that allows you to grant and revoke benefits on part of the subject operator.

The WITH GRANT OPTION condition was specified when you were naturally the subject advantage by its operator.

The following statement grants the SELECTINSERT, and DELETE object privileges for all columns of the emp table to the users jfee and tsmith:


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