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The resistors inductors and capacitors used actually are not the pure or ideal ones. For example a metal wire used as a resistor has some little inductance as a magnetic field is developed around the wire carrying current. Two wires in a circuit carrying current may also possess some little non zero capacitance. 

Similarly an inductor which is a wire wound in the form of a coil does possess some ohmic resistance. Also there must be some capacitance between every tow turns of the inductor coil. 

Again a capacitor has a very high resistance of the dielectric between eh plates. Wire leads of the capacitor also possess some little inductance. 

Thus in actual practice, we cannot have pure or ideal resistors inductors or capacitors.

Advantages and drawbacks of A. C over D. C.

(a) Advantages of A. C over D. C. are:

(i) Alternating current can be transmitted over long distance using step up trandormers. The loss of energy is negligible. Direct current cannot be transmitted as such.

(ii) The A. C voltages can be easily varied using transformers.

(iii) The A. C can be easily converted into D. C.

(iv) The magnitude of A. C can be reduced using a choke coil, without involving loss of energy.

(v) The A. C. is easier and cheaper to generate then D. C. the A. C generators are usually more robust and their efficiency is high.

(b) Drawbacks of A. C are 

(i) It is more dangerous to work with A. C at high voltages. The moment the insulation is salty one gets a severe shock. 

(ii) The shock of A. C is attractive whereas that of d. c is repulsive.

(iii) There are certain phenomena like electroplating electro fining electrotyping etc. where A. C. cannot be used in such cases D. C. is needed.

(iv) The A. C is transmitted more form the surface of conductor than form inside. Therefore several fine insulated wires ( and not a single thick wire) are required for the transmission of A. C

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