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Linear Inequation in Two Variables:

General form of these inequations are ax + by > c, ax + by < c.

If any ordered pair (x1, y1) satisfies the inequations, then it is said to be solution of inequations.

The graph of these inequations is given below 


Working rule: To draw the graph of an inequation, following procedures are to be made:

(i)      Write the equation ax + by = c in place of ax + by < c and ax + by > c.

          (ii)     Make a table for the solutions of ax + by = c.

(iii)    Now draw a line with the help of these points. This is the graph of line ax + by = c.

(iv)    If the inequation is > or <, then the points lie on this line does not consider and line is drawn dotted or discontinuous.

(v)     If the inequation is ³ or £ then the point lie on the line consider and line is drawn black (bold) or continuous.

(vi)    This line divides the plane XOY in two region

To find the region that satisfies the inequation, we apply the following rules:

(a)     Take an arbitrary point which will be in either region.

(b)     If it satisfies the given inequation, then that will be the required region in which the arbitrary point located.

(c)     If it does not satisfy, then the another region is the required region.

(d)     Draw the lines in the required region or make it shaded. 

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