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Electromagnetism - Kirchhoff Current Law

Define Kirchhoff Current Law

Algebraic sum of all the currents entering at any instant in a junction is zero. In Works sum of all the currents entering the junction is equal to sum of all the currents leaving the junction at that instant. this is based on charge conservation.

Loop law - kirchoff's voltage law:  algebraic sum of all the potential drops in a closed loop is zero and this is based on conservation of energy.

Wheatstone bridge:>- A bridge is said to be balanced if Vx = Vy or IG = 0. or When the bridge is balanced P/Q = R/S.

Potentiometer:>  the fall of potential along the length of a conductor of uniform area of cross-section & uniform density is proportional to its length when current I asses through it and it is  provided physical conditions like temperature pressure and so on remain unchanged. 

Here is potential gradient k = V/I.

To find emf by comparison method below

ε12 = I1/I2

To find internal resistance of a cell given

R = R (I1 - I2 / I1)

Where I1 is the length when key 

 k2 is not introduced

K2 is the length when key

k2 is also introduced 


Above three are lengths at null point.

Meter bridge

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