Draw A Tangent To A Circle At A Given Point, math Assignment Help

Construction - Draw A Tangent To A Circle At A Given Point, math

Case I: When centre of the circle is known.


Construction 1: Draw a circle of 4 cm diameter. Take a point P on the circle. At P draw a tangent line to the circle.

Steps of Construction:

1.       With centre O and radius = 2 cm, draw a circle.

2.       Take any point P on sits circum ference.

3.       Join O with P.

4.       At, P draw PT ^ OP.

Then PT is the required tangent to the circle at the point P.

Case II: To draw tangent to a circle at a given point on it when the centre of circle is not known.



Construction 2: Draw a circle of radius 2.5 cm. Take a point P on it. Without using the centre draw a tangent to the circle at P.

 Steps of Construction: 

1.       Draw a circle of 2.5 cm radius.

2.       Take any point P cn it.

3.       Through P draw any chord PR

4.       Make an angle say PQR in the major segment.

5.       At P, draw RPT = PQR such that P and Q lie on opposite sides of PR.

Then TPT is the required tangent line.

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