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For counting of articles, units like dozen or score is commonly used. Similarly in chemistry 'mole' is the counting unit for chemical entities. The amount of substance containing Avoqadro's number (6.023 x 1023) atom, molecule, ions, electrons and protons, i.e.

(i) Number of moles of molecule = (Weight in gram)/(Molecular weight)

(ii) Number of moles of atoms = (Weight in gram)/(Atomic weight)

(iii) Number of moles of gases =(Volume at NTP)/(Standard molar vlaume (22.4 L) )

(iv) Number of milli moles = Molarity x Volume in mL

(v) For a compound Px Oy

x moles of Q = y moles of P

(vi) (Number of entities)/(Avogadro^' number (6.023× 10 23 ) ) =Number of moles

Illustration 2: 44.8 litre of CO2 at STP is obtained by heating x gm of pure CaCO3. x is

(A) 100 g
(B) 200 g
(C) 50 g
(D) 44.8 g

Mole Concept in Chemistry Assignment Help

1 mol of CO2 is obtained from 1 mole of CaCO3 22.4 litre of gas at STP = 0 1 mol of gas 44.8 litre of gas at STP = 2 mol of gas Hence, 2 mole of CO2 is obtained from 2 mole of CaCO3 i.e., 2 x 100 = 200 gm of CaCO3

(a) Law of isomorphism: Isomorphism substances form crystal which have same structure. Thus both the cation and anion of isomorphous substance have the same valency.

(b) Chemical formulae of a compound can be found out by the following steps:

(i) The percentage composition of compound is determined.

(ii) Then the percentage of each element is divided by the atomic mass and then a molar ratio of each element is obtained.

(iii) This molar ratio is divided by a minimum value to get the simplest ratio and an empirical formula is obtained.

(iv) Finally by comparing the molecular mass or vapour density of this empirical formulae to that of actual molecule its molecular formulae is obtained.

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