Quantitative Method Involves the Determination of Concentration

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Volumetric Stoichiometry

The reactions in solutions are by far the most common. The first step to determine is to express the amount of substance present in a given volume of a solution.

Solution -> solute + Solvent

Qualitative methods to express a solution are dilute, concentrated, saturated and super saturated.

Quantitative method involves the determination of concentration In different way as described below:

(i) Molarity: It is the number of moles of solute dissolved or present per litre of the solution. It is represented by the symbol M.


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(ii) Molality: Number of moles of solute present or dissolve in 1000 g or 1 kg of solvent. It is represented by the symbol m.

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(iii) Mole fraction: It is the relative ratio of moles of solute and solution or solvent and solution.

Mole Fraction

Note: Molarity is temperature dependent while mole fraction and molality is temperature independent.

(iv) Strength: The strength of a solution is defined as the amount of the solute in grams present per litre of the solution (i.e. g/L).

(v) Normality: The normality of a solution is defined as the number of gram equivalents of the solute present per litre of the solution, it is represented by N.

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E = Equivalent weight

(vi) Formality: Formality is similar to Molarity, It is especially used for ionic crystals like Na+ Cr-

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(viii) Specific gravity = (weight of solution)/(volume of solution)

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