Workplace and Training

The workplace is an area where individuals perform their professional duties or simply where a person works in a place of work; employees may face various challenges which intern affects their well-being or an organization as a whole thus affecting stability and performance negatively. The goal of this paperwork is to identify  and solve these problems  that  affect workplaces and workers in general; they include

Increased demand for more skilled workers has led increased retirement of less trained or experienced personnel in different sectors of where the management majorly focuses on employing well-educated workforce thus creating variations in labor markets

due increased competition in job markets, it has become a challenge in attracting and retaining employees in their various workplaces. Most of the employees focus on promotions and seeking of green pastures to ensure that our workplaces remain desirable to the workers. It is important that job qualities offered to the employees provide opportunities for learning in that there is the development of one's skills and abilities with relevant formal training, promotion, and job advancement.

Professional workers performing in the nonprofit sectors require additional skills which should be on the rise on the daily basis so as to enable them to improve on work output. Achieving new skills can be accomplished by sharing of knowledge and abilities among employees.

Even though the resources needed for employees training and development may be scarce or unavailable, the management should put efforts to ensure that there is the efficient distribution of the limited resources to promote employees development and training. Training will make sure that employees skills are enhanced.

Recently, there is a decline in job security. Most people wish to have more than one employer and career in their lifetime so as to get those who will give the work of transferrable skills flat organizational structure. In most workplaces has shown that there is little room for promotions, this creates the small room  for level advancements  thus organizations should embrace an idea of spreading their colleague after certain periods of acquiring new knowledge

 Training means the teaching and development of one's or other people's skills and knowledge regarding a particular competency with the aim of improving performance, capability, and productivity.

In the process of training, people access more educational information as part of that particular study. For example in a business training, knowledge is evident in those individuals who have been in business for a longer period than, those who are new in the world of business, learners who have the competency of adopting the new business knowledge educated during training.

After training, the trainers need to apply what they have learned into their areas of work .for example teachers get trained on how to handle students during their course work but when employed, the teacher's knowledge is essential to make students learn new topics, this includes teachers methods of teaching and presentation before students

Due to scarcity or unavailability of training materials, various training procedures brought to paperwork for learning purposes .this may be quickly adapted to learners as they tend to gain knowledge when reading articles then learning how to perform the activities through guidance from trainers

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