Why should white whale hunting be banned?

Whale Hunting to be banned

Background of Whale Hunting (Whaling): - Whaling is the hunting of whales for meat, oil, blubber, and scientific research. Its earliest forms date to at least circa 3000 BC.

This section describes the background of Whale hunting, why and when the same is started. "Whaling is the act of hunting whales for their meat, bones, and blubber"(thick layer of fat under the skin of marine mammals), which are used to make various products and chemicals such as transmission fluid, candles, margarine, jewellery, toys, and tools. Whaling has been started, way back around 3,000 B.C. Some researchers have gathered evidence of this practice extending as far back as 6,000 B.C. It was in the 17th century that the whaling industry accelerates due to an increase in the demand and supply of goods and advances in technology which improved the hunting and success rates of whale killings. In the 20th century, the concept of whale harvesting began to increase due to the introduction of factory ships to hunt, capture and transport whales. By late 1930, 50,000 + whales were killed annually.

Why whale hunting should be banned:-

I would like to put in below points.

Whale hunting is cruel and barbaric: -   Whale hunting should be stopped, because just like we all have a right to live, so also whales do have a right to live and swim freely.

Imagine we swim in the ocean just minding our own business. Then, suddenly, something sharp hits us.  It enters our body and explodes. The pain is killing, but it does not kill, not yet.

  "Again a sharp object hits us and explodes. Again and again, we were hitted".  Our enormous body, however, does not give up so easily and keep on fighting for its survival. Maybe, if we are lucky, we will drown.  Perhaps we will be dragged on a ship.

 Although we are still alive, conscious and in great agony, we will be cut up in pieces, not able to make any sound to notify that we are still alive.

This is what happens to hundreds of whales every year as they are killed consciously and unconsciously. Therefore whale hunting is senseless, immoral and inhumane and it has to be stopped.

Whale Products created using other sources: - In the current age of modern science and technology, we are moving in the direction where is there is no need of whale parts to manufacture any product. A scientific researcher does not have to take the life of these creatures. For centuries, whales were hunted to extract oil from their blubber. The extracted oil was used for lightning like oil lamps and candles.

It was also used to oil machines like industrial oil. The whale oil used to be a lifeline for the fabrication of soap, paint, varnish, textile, and rope.

The whale's bones and baleen were used to fabricate garments which were very fashionable during the 1800s.

Many items that are made of plastic, now-a-days used to be of combination from whalebone and baleen in the 1800s.

Whales do not eat all the fishes in the sea around Iceland. In 2015, Iceland's whalers were allowed to hunt 154 fin whales and 229 Minke whales.

The whale's teeth were used as ivory. For example, whale's teeth were used in making chess pieces, jeweller and piano keys.

Now-a-days, however, there is no explicit need for whale bones and blubber to produce these kinds of products. Oil reservoirs were created, during the late 1800s.  Oil extracted from the ground became an equivalent of the blubber oil of whales, and therefore it was no longer necessary for industrial usages.

 Due to Industrial boost, the combination of plastic and steel replaced the products obtained from whale bones, teeth and baleens.

In 1986, the International Whaling Committee (IWC) 's implementation of a moratorium had put an end to the legal commercial whale hunting.

Meet us, don't eat us: - Economically, whales are of much more value alive than when they are hunted and killed for meat. Ecotourism such as whale watching is a trending topic. Whales are the friendliest creatures in the world.

They are super playful, and the sight makes anyone smile. In 2010 IFAW and The Icelandic Whale Watching Association introduced the campaign"Meet us, don't eat us' to encourage tourists to enjoy whale watching instead of killing". (Planet Whale, 2010) Worldwide makes a revenue of  $1 billion from whale watching. Nine million tourists visited 87 countries just enjoy whale watching (WNF, 2012). According to Greenpeace International (2009), every year more than 115.000 tourists visits Iceland only to see whale watching. In 1997, this museum was founded and  provides information about whales in a small exhibition.

 The Whale Museum promotes whale watching all over   Iceland.

Together with the Icelandic Whale Watching Association has created a list of guidelines to make sure whale watching is 'performed professionally and with respect and no animal cruelty rules shall be violated'.

Credibility and morality: - Countries were encouraging whale hunting to lose their international credibility. Commercial whale hunt is banned by the 1980 moratorium of the IWC. Nations that will not subscribe this moratorium will be seen as betrayers of morality. The country's image is tarnished, and tourists might stay away for principal reasons (Greenpeace International, 2009).

 Any excuse given by the pro-whalers makes no sense. Whale hunting belongs to the past. All products obtained from whales are replaceable nowadays. Just imagine that instead of the senseless and horrific murder by the use of sharp weapons, whales should be respected and shall be given a chance to live their life according to their own terms.  It must happen, therefore, whale hunting must stop!

 Killing whales makes them extinct:   There is a sense of fear that if we keep on continue to kill whales, then they will also become extinct like dinosaurs, and we will never get to see them again.

So from all the above points, whale hunting shall be completely banned.

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