Why is Donald Trump in a war with the media and what are his plans?


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Article referred to: Why is Donald Trump in a war with the media and what are his plans?


This article discusses about the new president of USA Mr. Donald Trump as he is unhappy with the media, He calls them 'The Fake News Media'. He has told and even tweeted in social media stating that "The media is not my enemy but it is the enemy of the American People".  The president openly spotted out the news channels who were making fake news about him the channels were: The ABC News, CBS News, CNN and The New York Times. He calls the media as dishonest people, and those people who gave the fake news to the press, should be ashamed of themselves he ended saying this in his latest press conference.

He also said that he wanted to maintain good relationship with the media but now he says he don't want to keep it long as they published the fake news. Trump is a person who can handle anything bad against him as long as it is true, but he is not happy when the news about him is fake. There were many types of fake news one of them which really hurted the president was the "x celebrity had backed Donald Trump"

According to the theory of cognitive dissonance one must change the behavior, beliefs etc to maintain the relationship with each other. When the behavior (The media) is a dissonant element .The people (individual) can eliminate this behavior. The media members inclined to recognize they had made fool about themselves. And trump was likely to re-interpret the evidence to show that he was true all along.


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