Why is assignment writing company Expertsmind Edu better than hiring freelance writers?

Why is assignment writing company Experts mind Edu. better than hiring freelance writers?

There is a growing demand for writing assignments in spite of digitization and paperless communication. Although the virtual and online domains depend heavily on images and videos, content on the internet is equally important. Moreover, specialization in various fields has led to specialized courses and students who pursue the courses are required to do a lot of writing assignments. While writers of fiction or poetry, journalists, and column writers held a special position until recent times, the writing needs of society today vary from simple essays or articles to highly technical write-ups. This provides ample scope for people who have knowledge of different subjects to indulge in writing tasks. This kind of writing does not require flair or literary competencies; just enough command over language to express a topic clearly and logically is sufficient. Thus, the writing community all over the world has suddenly expanded in recent times. Naturally, those who can meet the writing needs of the society look upon this as an opportunity to earn money. Some make it a full-time occupation while others look upon it as an additional source of income.

While it is nice to think of writing as a profession, the tricky part lies in connecting writers with clients. The problem lies on both sides. Writers who work on freelance basis must find the right people who need their services. On the other hand, individuals who want content written must get connected to writers who can handle their assignments as per their requirements. Some people do not necessarily need expert and skilled writers; at cheaper rates they can get writers who can fulfill their needs. Several freelance writers have their web sites, and they directly get clients. Customers sometimes feel that when no mediator is involved, they will get work done at cheaper rates and they will be directly in touch with the writers so they can discuss assignments and work in collaboration. They do not feel the need of any mediating agency through which content writing assignments can be handled. We find that there are some agencies that are entirely devoted to connecting writers with clients. They charge a little amount as fees, but all transactions are carried out through the companies. There are reasons why these companies are doing so well and functioning so efficiently.

Experts mind Edu. is one such company that performs the noble task of connecting writers and clients. Here are reasons why Experts mind Edu. is better than freelance writers for content writing assignments.

  • Every writer cannot afford to create, maintain and update a website on a permanent basis; the expenses would be more than what can be earned through writing at least in the initial stages.
  • A client would not know exactly what kind of writing a writer would be able to provide. The talents and skills of a writer may be unknown and a lot of time and efforts would be wasted in writing and reviewing samples. If the work of one writer is found unsatisfactory, the client will keep experimenting with many writers until he comes across the right one.
  • One hesitates to hand over one's work to some unknown individual on self-responsibility. The work may be valuable and confidential.
  • If clients pay for the assignments in advance, they may not be sure that they will get their work was done and that too in time. If writers write before they are paid, clients may disappear or fail to respond, and the writers will be wasting their time and efforts.
  • Freelance writers work according to their convenience. Some may be dealing with heavy workloads and may not be able to work for clients who need the work done urgently. They do not have time to search for new writers who have time for them and who can work on their assignments efficiently.
  • Writers registered on Experts mind Edu. are tested for their language competencies. They have to go through a few language tests before they join. They also submit sample assignments which are reviewed by the expert team before they are appointed.
  • Registered writers can update their profile from time to time. The profile of each writer and his area of expertise etc. can be viewed by clients so that they can choose the appropriate writer.
  • Writers are paid through the company, so there is no risk of losing money. Negotiations are also made through the company so that writers get what they deserve for their efforts.
  • It is the responsibility of Experts mind Edu. to see that the client gets his assignments completed in time. If one writer fails to work satisfactorily, the company gives a chance for revision or appoints another writer for the job. It is because a good number of writers are registered with Experts mind Edu and the client does not have to waste time searching for the right one.
  • Experts mind Edu. assigns tasks to writers after going through their profiles.
  • Experts mind Edu. has its rules and regulations for writers, and the latter are bound to abide by the rules. Thus, the company can maintain a check on the writers. For example, those who miss deadlines are fined so that they take care to complete the work in time.

On the whole, it is wiser to go through Expertsmind Edu. rather than directly work with freelancers.

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