Whether a run-in with the law should impact a student’s academic world

Topic:-Write about whether a run-in with the law should impact a student's academic world. If you think the child should be punished at school, discuss possible punishments


In my point of view child should not be punished at all in cruel way.  And also we should not shout at them with vulgar words. Do not beat the child if they are doing any mischievous in the school.We need to approach them in soft manner.  At any cost child should not hate the teacher if they start hating the teacher definitely they will not show interest in studies. So we should deal with them like their parent. One more important thing is teacher should not compare the child with another child. Actually dealing with school children are very sensitive matter. Let us punish them to improve their talent and discipline without hurting the children. First of all I do not like to use the word punishment for the child, instead let me tell correcting the child. Teacher should remember that when we are correcting the child, they should not affect either physically or mentally.

 Now let me convey the possible correction,  if the child is not reading  ask the child to read the text as she/he likes (i.e.) with quietly or loudly  in front of the faculty.  We can tell them, I will not allowyou to play today evening without finishing your class work.  Otherwise we can tell them, you cannot watch puppet show on the TV today. If they not obey for the teachers' word then we can say you won't get black forest cake at tea time. Otherwise we can ask them to write particular question and answer foronly 10 times not more than that.  We can announce if you are not listening,you wouldn't get valuable prize.  Or else tell them not to come to the school with civil dress on your birthday.

Definitely students will be having some role model and they will follow that person's mannerism.  If so we can tell the student, let me inform to your favorite teacher about you. Don't take them to the ground; don't take them to the park or any other entertainment places.

We can tell the child in polite manner that you cannot go home without finishing this work. You will be put in the hostel for this year. Just tell them your prizes will be given to another child.

If the child is love you more, then tell the child do not speak with me if you are not obey my words. And for few days don't mind the child. If so definitely they will come to the way which we like to bring them.

Do not take the child for the music class if the child has more interest on the music.  Another punishment, ask him not sit next to his friend. Or else do not give any play instruments.

If the child is more interest in swimming then don't take them to the swimming pool without completion of today's task or any assignments. If the child is very much fond of attending any community classes then we can tell them not to attend the community class for this Sunday without getting good marks for the particular subject.

Child can rewrite the test once again if they got less marks in particular subject. We can give some assignments to write.   Ask them to collect some ten countries stamps.  Assign some extra work to do. Child can list out some national personality and let the child tell the stories about one among them.  Ask the child to come along with their parent so teacher can convey about their children.

Child can write table from 1 to 10 this is according to the child in which class they are studying.

For a couple of week the child should read main heading from the newspaper during the first period in the class.

If they scored very less marks just tell them positively.  Like how do you scored this much marks? Really they feel very bad. Next time they will try to get good marks.

Another view is if the child is too naughty; let the child is a class leader.

 These are all the maximum punishment which I can give to the child.

Teacher should pay more attention while giving punishment to the students.  That should affect their life.

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