What Effect has magnet or charter schools had on the educational system

What effect has magnet or charter schools had on the educational system in your town or state?

Education is the key to multiple doors, and there is an old saying that "The Pen is mightier than sword". Education plays a crucial role in anyone's life but only getting educated does not solve the purpose; getting a vitreous education is important. To elaborating, it is said that getting the education from the right source and manner is important. It is easy to teach a child to learn an answer, but it 's hard to teach him how to find a reply. No doubt, this is the reason a parent does a lot of research will opting for a school for his or her child. Gone are the days when the parents have limited choice in their locality, they have chosen either a public or private school. Now the parents have a wider range of options; charter schools, magnet schools; private school or public schools.

Public Schools: The public schools are the schools run by the government; they take admission of students who live in the area of the district.

Private Schools: These are the schools run by any private organisation mostly religious organisations. They follow their admission criteria which differ from one private school to another. 

Charter Schools:

Charter schools are the schools which receive some amount as the public funding. They have different criteria for admission. Some charter schools may require application or interview but others give admission on a lottery basis.

Magnet Schools:

Magnet schools are the public schools that set by some district or state. They focus on some particular subject or any other activity. The magnet schools established by district give admission to the district students while that open by state government enrol students from the state.

Reasons for set up of Magnet and charter schools:

Let's look into the history of Magnet and charter schools for better understanding.

Charter schools and magnet schools are the schools which were started with the main concept 'Education for all'.

The charter schools are the schools that allow parents, teachers and other administrators to innovate the method and culture of the school. The parents opt for a charter school because it allows the interferences of the parents. Apart from this, the charter schools claim to be high in standards with the less strength in a class apart from the different circular.

The Magnet schools are the schools which are designed for the students with ethnic, social, racial and economics backgrounds. There are some magnet schools which focus on a particular area or the subject.

The charter and magnet schools were started with some objectives and since their inception, the number of charter and magnet schools have increased a lot. Nevertheless, the thought comes to mind about the effect of these schools on the educational system.

What effect has magnet or charter schools had on the educational system in your town or state?

The Charter and magnet schools are the schools which opened options of schooling for both the parents and students. Though the functioning of both schools is different. The main aim is to provide education to everyone be it; school dropouts, students from economic weaker sections, students with disabilities and students with a special focus. The charter schools have the smaller class sizes to focus on each student. There are many charter schools which provide the option of distance education thus enabling many students who have dropped their school for various reasons to study from home. The flexible circular adds to the benefit of charter schools. The charter schools have to perform year on year regarding result for continuation. The magnet schools have brought positive effect on the educations system as it focuses on some specific area as per child's need. So if any student wants to excel in a particular area, they can opt for the magnet school. The magnet schools focus more on parent's involvement.

Since with every positive there is bound be a negative, there also some negative points of the charter and magnet schools. It is claimed that there is no transparency in their admission criteria of some charter schools which leads to mismanagement and corruption. In some charter schools, the teachers and faculties are not paid enough that is the reason that the teachers are less stable and are mostly inexperienced. The charter schools were opened for some cause; sadly that cause is now caused. The government interference in a charter school is less than the charter schools are left by themselves for deciding the rules and regulations of circular. Some magnet schools are thought to be focused on only a subject or activity which impacts the student's knowledge in other areas.

The public and private schools also have some of the above problems, but they are providing education since ages. The increase in number of charter and magnet schools in every town and states is reflecting that they are accepted by the parents, students and the education system

In my town only, the charter and magnet schools have increased; many students have shifted from the private schools in these schools. Talking about their experience, every student and parent have different opinions. The bottom line remains the same that students are studying in these schools.


Overall, the change is a part of life, and these schools have brought a freshness and options in the education system.

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