What Cause Some Schools to Fail to Educate Students

What Cause Some Schools to Fail to Educate Students 


Schools produce achievers. They also fail students. There are many theories and factors behind this. Studies have revealed that schools have become business minded. They take in a huge number of students but are not able to provide quality education. The teachers are not able to handle large amounts of students. They are not able to give everyone the same attention. Students' academic needs are neglected. But they are unaware of what is happening in the schools. Teachers rush through the curriculum and syllabus because of time constraints. Students are expected to sit for short tests, submit assignments and projects on time, but the quality is not there. The administrators just look at the numbers and attendance. And some even give marks to students for attendance. The relevant authorities fail to investigate the situation. They only do so when it becomes too late. By then many students fail or drop out. And schools and management end up reasoning out the student's failure with financial problems and uninterested parents. They quickly put the blame on the parents. Schools' failing to educate students is a multifaceted issue. Countries such as United States of America, United Kingdom, and Canada are currently going through this problem. It has  seen that schools and the society have to equally in this mess. Studies have highlighted weak leadership, lack of guidance, unqualified teachers and poverty as some of the reasons. While poverty is a social, economic issue, it leaves an impact on one's education. Students from low-income families are not able to pay the fees on time. Moreover, they are seen as different compared to students from financially-sound families. Another reason for the schools failing to educate students is the class and societal order. Students belonging to the upper class and influential families are given more attention and priority. This, in fact, is discrimination to other students. It leaves the affected students way behind their peers. The students then suffer from low self-esteem, stress and depression.

Other Reasons of Failure

Schools and students fail because of poor time management. They are always racing against the time to complete the curriculum, syllabus, and assignments. Students cannot get much to learn when they are always racing. They are not able to plan out their work. As a result, the majority of the students end up getting assignments and homework done in the last minute. They apply the same formula for exams. Students stay up all night before a paper and try to cramp everything up. It results in failure. Moreover, the fear of failure is always at the back of their minds. Poor self-esteem leads them to failure as they are unable to develop their strengths and work out the weaknesses. Teachers need to give time and proper guidance.

How Can Schools Tackle the Issue

Schools, parents and the society need to contribute to the students' education collectively. They need to address the issue as soon as it arises. Delaying the issue only worsens it. Students need to speak up when they feel that they are going downhill. They need to take help from the teachers, counsellors and the parents. They can take up extra classes or remedial work. Students can ask the teachers to give them more assignments or classwork to pick up the pace and be on par with their classmates. Everyone should give a helping hand to those students whose parents are finding it difficult to make ends meet. Schools can start small charity drives to collect money and clothes and food. Societies can set up small clubs and contribute monthly regarding money. It can become a scholarship scheme which can help out the poor students in the neighbourhood. Other ways to tackle the issue include:

-   While Talking to the students. Teachers and counsellors can then see whether the student is suffering from a learning disability. They can inform the parents.

-    Educators and administrators should work in collaboration. The administrators should not restrict the teachers. They should allow and motivate the teachers to come up with new teaching techniques and styles.

-    Reach the students. Teachers should interact with every student in the classroom. No one should be left behind. Teachers can address the strengths and weaknesses of the students.

-    Encourage and motivate the children. The school should give time and space to the students. They can encourage and motivate them through sports and debate competitions. The same can be applied in the classrooms.

-    Assessments and tests. Teachers can find out the academic standing of the students through short tests and assessments. They should inform the students that such techniques are being used to help them achieve better grades.

There should be rewards for achievers as this, in turn, motivates and encourages the students. They develop the passion for working hard towards their goals.

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