Tips to Crack MAT-Mathematics Admissions Test

Mathematics Admissions Test


The Mathematics Admissions/Aptitude Test (MAT) is applicable in the United Kingdom. Students interested in pursuing mathematical programs have to sit for this exam. MAT is part of the pre-interview and selection process. University of Oxford and Imperial College London has made MAT mandatory for undergraduate degree courses in Mathematics and Computer Science:

University of Oxford

-          Mathematics

-          Mathematics and Computer Science

-          Mathematics and Philosophy

-          Mathematics and Statistics

-          Computer Science

-          Computer Science and Philosophy

Imperial College London

-          Mathematics (3-year course)

-          Mathematics (4-year course)

-          Pure Mathematics

-          Mathematics, Optimization and Statistics

-          Mathematics with a year in Europe

-          Mathematics with Applied Mathematics/Mathematical Physics

-          Mathematics with Mathematical Computation

-          Mathematics with Statistics

-          Mathematics with Statistics for Finance

This test is a challenge for students. It motivates them to do their best and show that they can tackle the associated subjects and courses. MAT is not difficult but it requires the students to engage in critical thinking to tackle the questions. Students need to have in-depth mathematical knowledge and techniques to solve problems. Basically, it tests the mathematical ability. Initially, MAT was started by the University of Oxford. The types of questions covered in the test are sectioned as algebra; polynomials; integration; differentiation; graphs; transformations; logarithms and powers; geometry; trigonometry; and sequences and series. Overall, the test is not difficult at all. It has been designed in such a way that all students can attempt it.

Difficulties that faced by Students

Students find entrance exams including MAT irrelevant because they are still in the learning process. In fact, they find such exams to be stressing. Straight out of high school, students have to prepare for MAT and other entrance exams because it's the requirement of many universities and colleges world over. They feel that courses acquiring candidates to sit for entrance exams should rework on the admissions process. They should look at other alternatives. This is because the courses are academic oriented and students sit for many exams anyway. At least, they should be free of it in the admissions and selections process. And if they plan to run such tests, then it should be easy and approachable by all students. It shouldn't be tough. Overall, students' selection shouldn't be based on tests. It should be based on their skills, passion and determination. Tests make the selection process complicated.

Tips to Crack MAT helps students prepare for entrance examinations. The organization motivates students, provides them with solutions and gives helpful tips. Outlined here are some helpful tips to crack MAT:

-  Get familiar with the exam format. This is only possible if students go through mock papers or past year papers. They will get an idea about the type and style of questions that would be asked. Students can access the sample papers from respective tuition centres. It's also available online. Better yet, they can go into the university library and get a copy. Students should be mindful to familiarise themselves with the syllabus and format of the paper.

Practice. Students can prepare for the exam by trying to solve the problems in the sample papers. Practice makes a person prefect. Students can even time themselves to see how much time they take to solve the problem. They can go over and over the problem to get a better understanding of it.

Tuitions or Coaching. Nowadays, there are many tuition and coaching centres that help students prepare for entrance exams. There are teachers and lecturers to help and guide students. Moreover, students can develop and improve their mathematical skills.

Online Resources. There are lots of materials available online. Students can opt to sign up for online programs and courses to help prepare for MAT.

Time Management. When practicing the problems, students should keep a clock or watch in handy. They can time themselves to solve the problems. Next time around, they can try the problem again and see in how much time they are able to tackle it. This is an important skill.

Don't Use Calculators. As calculators are not permitted to be used in the test, students should practice solving the problems with the aid of calculators. They should get used to it so that during the time of the exam, they don't have a difficult time. 

No test is too difficult or unsolvable. With sincere hard work and determination, one can grasp anything they want. Students just have to manage their time and put in an effort.

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