The Most Important Aspect of Oral Communication

Oral communications are the very foundation of literacy and the course in focused upon utilizing our oral skills in the best possible manner in our real life to succeed in life. The key is to try and relate the learning and knowledge with our daily life and effectively utilize them while establishing a communication.

The Most Important Aspect

Relating communication concepts with real life contexts is the most important thing I learned from the class. The learning and knowledge have no meaning itself unless we apply these in our real life. Oral communication sharpens our abilities in construction,presentation, and critical evaluation of messages. Most of our communication takes place in the form of oral communication and it is one of the most crucial parts of our lives. By utilizing the best practices of oral communication and applying the knowledge learned in our day-to-day life will improveour overall communication process. This knowledge base will equip usin participating productively in public dialogue both as a producer and a consumer of the communication.

My Performance

My overall performance in this course has been quite satisfactory. I participated in the class actively and tried my best to grasp as much information as I can from the speeches. These speeches were not only inspiring but entertaining as well and provided me real insight how to relate the theoretical knowledge with our practical life. The learning can help me in my final to a great extent during the viva.


The course has proved to me quite beneficial in many ways. It has acquaintedme with the theory behind effective oral communication practice. This helps me in communicating effectively as a person, as a producer or as a consumer. A good communication skill is key to success both personally and professionally.


The fundamental of oral communication is one of the most crucial subjects which finds great use in our daily life. The oral communication is quite crucial in our life and learning and utilizing the best practices in our daily life can turn out to be fruitful.

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