The Educational Methodologies Are Getting Enhanced By Latest Trends In Technology

The Future of Educational Technology also Education:

Thinking of what education might look like in next decade, one quickly realizes that trends in technology are leaving a large number of our students behind. As, we all no longer live in an age of visible movement when it comes to progress also innovation. These days are an age of change. New also ever-improving technologies are popping up every day also in every corner of.


Educating best also brightest in this brave new world will take a new also improved educational paradigm. Allowing our educational tools to age in corner of classroom will be mistake that may cost us our future. Throwing away lots of children to inequitable access will ensure that we languish at bottom of global pool of employable workers for decades to come.

Innovative tools require new skills:

I tried to paint a picture of how technology will shape way we educate students in next decade. I will attempt to show amazing possibilities that lay before us if we will simply walk through doorway of opportunity that is open to us. My focus will be this idea: Transforming student from being a passenger to becoming a "user." You may be wondering what I mean by this.

Current educational curriculum also individual assessment is arbitrary at best. Being able to accurately assess a student can only is achieved by using modern tracking also database technologies. Means by which we can make this a reality is readily available also only needs to be taken off shelf to be used.

Visualize a world where every child has a tablet computer with ready access to App of virtual photographic memory (internet). Further, imagine that every student can access all knowledge of humankind freely at any moment in time.

Company that makes this standard available to educational community will be company that shapes future of humankind. Will it be Microsoft, Apple, Google or some other yet unknown pioneer? It is obvious that future of education will always mirror our everyday lives in one way or another. If you inspect how technology has influenced your daily life which you already begin to put together a snapshot of what it will mean to be educated in next decade.

Develop student with a unique education:

To make this a reality we will need a standardized platform from which to develop a student's unique education. This consistent platform will allow us to tailor a custom curriculum that will be matched to talents, interests also life goals. For educator, a standardized platform will create a way to assist student in discovering a true purpose in life through a unique educational experience. Basics of reading, writing also arithmetic will not be taught as much as they will be discovered also used.

"Learning will become a reciprocal experience between teachers, student also machine."


Under a uniform platform, all of these three participants will have a role to play.

1) Teacher will be facilitator, assisting development of curriculum also inspiring direction student takes.

2) Student will be user, gathering resources, skills also knowledge in an efficient also measured sequence.

3) Machine will do work of data gathering also analysis, which will assist teacher also student in refining curriculum.

This data gathering work of machine will also free teacher from burden of record-keeping also tedious tasks that currently distract from real job of teaching also learning.

Beneath a consistent system, grade level will be far less important. Achievement also progression will be measured by accomplishment also intelligence as a benchmark for success. Question of failure or success will be irrelevant also replaced with a standard also consistent measurement of potential also overall intelligence. Information will no longer be missed but continually rehearsed also monitored for retention by machine.

Unhappily, teachers today are bogged down with an assortment of mind-numbing tasks that would be better suited to an off-the-shelf automated system. These responsibilities could easily be allotted to an intuitive database. Developing a standard to follow would eliminate these tasks also free the teacher to do their main job of teaching students.

Education 1.0:

All through the history man has sought to pass on knowledge to the next generation. This process started with oral tradition, storytelling also writing. With the advent of the printing press, knowledge also information slowly became available to the masses. Quantity of information that could be gained by one human in a lifetime was severely limited by his access to printed materials also wealth. The majority of learning was gained through observation also imitation. We be able to call this Education 1.0.

Education 2.0:

It starts around the late eighteen hundreds with universal literacy movements throughout newly industrialized regions of the world. Improvements in education slowly transitioned from apprenticeship to formal education also training. Despite our movements toward universal education, access to knowledge also opportunity continues to be inequitable throughout the world. Yet with arrival of computer revolution, access to the tools of learning continues to define the learner.

Education 3.0:

Education 3.0, while it arrives will be age of universal enlightenment. Platforms for education also learning will slowly standardize also become globally accessible also affordable. Come from Poorest to wealthiest will have access to machine that runs platform.

At this point thought on your mind is most likely wondering what machine I keep referring to. The machine in question is the one we have been so busy teaching also training since roughly 1969. I am referring to the internet the great cloud of knowledge that we call internet is specifically mechanism which we will use to build the platform of Education 3.0. When the platform is finally in place, the decade to follow will see the greatest amount of wealth, discoveries also use of human potential that we have witnessed during our time on this earth.

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