The advantages of home schooling to traditional schooling

The advantages of home schooling to traditional schooling 

 Learning begins from home and the place where you feel the safest and threat free is you home. Now a child opens up, asks questions, is not worried that he/she would be penalised for making mistakes in a home environment. It's time to evaluate and take a sneak peak at home schooling vs traditional schooling.

Traditional Schooling

" A centre for governance"

 A traditional school has protocols that need to be followed by every students and teacher. It has its own advantages since children are disciplined they adhere to set rules and are within boundaries. But the flip side of the same is that a child never gets its space to do what it wants to do. The child waits for instructions and the ignition to learning is the teacher.

"One size fits all "

 There are set syllabi that needs to be covered and this is killing of creativity, normalizing the learning pattern and learning pace of children. So at times you observe that there are children who find the curriculum to tough to grasp or others find it mundane. Some children who are not interested in a particular subject is forced to attend classes do their homework and study the same.

"Environment makes a wholesome person"

In a traditional school a child gets a label by the teacher or his/ her peers. Now hyperactive children get a tag associated with some or the other syndrome and children who are the quite do not get the due reorganization or opportunity.  There is an increasing trend of misbehaviour , crime and bullying of students.

"Chase a school model"

While the child is just 2 years old every parent start chasing a pre-school  and are committed to chase different parameters year after year. The tution fees are hiked, there is peer pressure for performance, grades are compared and stress levels rise for the entire family over projects to be submitted/ assignments to be done or examination dates approaching when the family has a pressing need or a personal emergency. So it's a chase model for several years.

With all these drawbacks lets now look at alternative schooling which is " Home Schooling"

" A centre for governance"

The child's most admired centre with most comfortable teachers who are its parents. When there is home schooling it gives tremendous flexibility for the child to do things at its own pace and not be governed by timings. The child gets time to study, play his favourite game, climb a tree too while at school. The child is self ignited to learn and excel. This makes the child more independent thereby enables them to grown up as better individuals.

"One size does not fit all"

 The child's best tutor who can understand its needs with an excellent 6th sense is a parent. Home schooling helps the child to learn from its parents who can tailor make the curriculum based on the child's interest. This helps in horning the skills of the child and taking the child to an altogether new level of learning and knowledge. The parents can customize the pace and use different learning methodologies based on the child's grasping power. The parent is able to perfectly understand the child and can teach using different learning aids like videos/ audios/ activities etc.

"Environment makes a wholesome person"

Is there any better environment for the child than its home? The child learns holistically in a home environment. Along with the curriculum the child also learns values of life, the traditions of the family and is well grounded . The environment is conducive to be more expressive about its likes or dislikes as there is no one who would label the child or mock at it. There is more scope to make mistakes and there by learn a lot form them. As the saying goes " A person who has not made a mistake has not learnt anything"

" Chase your dream Model"

We can get to know which fruit the sapling will give when it becomes a tree by looking at the sapling. Similarly parents are able to understand the child better and carve out a genius while the child is young by giving appropriate strokes of attention thereby enabling the child achieve its dreams. There is no unhealthy competition for the child in a home school and the competitor to the child is himself/herself. The child and parent become a one-on-one mentor-student relationship thereby a deeper association gets built. There are no hiked up fees nor travel pains. It is a calm serene environment with more focus towards being a knowledgeable person rather than being an educated person with more of degrees to add on to.   

Research has also proved that individuals have seen better results with homeschooling rather than traditional schooling. Thus it is imperative that homeschooling is a better option for children to grown up and become better human beings.

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