Teenage is most interesting stages of Student's Life

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A person's 20s is no doubt one of the most interesting stages of their life. Almost everyone undergoes a transition in this period. The process of acquiring formal education that began in childhood ceases after a while and you soon embark on your professional journey. As in most cases, the change does not happen overnight. For some, it takes 6 months to 1 year to realize that their college days are now behind them and that the protocols of their profession must be observed if they wish to excel in it. No sooner does this realization dawn on a newly turned adult than their priorities start to change.

While life will always teach you key lessons by subjecting you to different experiences, there's no harm in being a little proactive and picking the brains of those who've already lived their youth out. Below, you will find 10 secrets that should together act as a guide in letting you live your 20s in the right way.

10 secret:

1. Alright, so borrowing every month was the norm in college. Almost everyone did that and so you never felt guilty of doing anything wrong. But the professional world, as they say, is a completely different kettle of fish. The sooner you quit your habit of fulfilling your wishes and managing your expenses with borrowed money, the prouder you will be of yourself. With a monthly budget in black and white and the resolution to keep a tab on every dime you spend out of your pocket; your life will be firmly under your control.

2. Hang around at your workplace for a year or so and it will make you come to terms with extremes. The same place that saw you facing embarrassing moments could possibly bring you accolades as well.

3. Who told you that only people in their middle and old age suffer from mental illnesses? If you are just not able to get out of your rut and your poor mental condition persists, do not be hesitant to seek medical attention. And don't worry; nobody will see you in a poor light for it.

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4. The alibi that my work keeps me too busy will work most of the time. But wouldn't you like to strengthen your credibility and be in the good books of those who matter to you. If yes, jot their names in your diary and be good enough to call them once in a while.

5. You were religious all throughout your childhood but now in your mid-20s, you just don't feel the urge to visit a place of worship and offer prayers to the Almighty. With no end to the string of adversities in your life, your belief in the Almighty may rightly be shaken a bit. As at your workplace, continue to be patient and soon your resilience will stand you in good stead and you will find answers to all the questions that have been troubling you.

6. You are God's unique creation. There's no one like you in the entire world. So, why compare yourself to others and lower your sense of self-esteem? Take pride in who you are and create your own identity.

7. Whatever experimentation is to be done in your professional life must be done in the initial years and you should soon be over and done with it. Your energy and the enthusiasm to experiment won't remain the same all your life. And remember, Stability Matters!

8. "The grass is always greener on the other side". You may consider it a cliché but eventually you'll discover that it's a reality. What may seem absolutely hunky-dory could well have its own fair share of troubles.

9. Your concern about your good health may force you into taking a pledge that you'll never binge again. But what if there's a party happening at your workplace every third or fourth day? Guess, you have to make yourself a little more resolute and resist that temptation of letting a birthday cake gratify your taste buds.

10. Lastly, beware a sedentary lifestyle and incorporate daily exercise in your everyday life. These healthy habits are going to stand you in good stead and you'll continue reaping their benefits at every stage of your life.

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    Keep these arilctes coming as they've opened many new doors for me.


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