Student are freaking out their life while in high school

Most of time I have experience that students are freaking out their life while they are in high school it is because they are not sure about their future or not confident to accomplish their task so they do start doing things that make them supper cool among their group. By looking such behaviour in huge ration high schools are conducting various personality development classes to develop confidence in their students.


As we all know that "Practice make man perfect" but in addition to this I want to say proper practice can make man perfect it is like this a person is not aware of how to use chop sticks to eat food. If a person using two hand Instead of one them how he or she become perfect in it suppose he get perfect but it takes much time to become perfect. If at the initial stage the correct guidance is provided to the person then him or her become perfect in his job in short time. In current decade we can think of spending more time on one thing to learn as it is competitive time that's why a perfect practice can man perfect.

Here are few things that students need to keep in their mind to become successful whether it is in supports or in academics or any other curriculum activities like dance and singing.
Most important thing is full dedication towards the achieving goals if you are not completing dedicated towards your gaols then it is extremely hard to get your destination in given time, here I am mentioning the time because learning things in required time is worthy, if the task completing ion time then it is not worthy. A dedication is making you capable to fight against your loopholes whiles doing the chores. A strong dedication will keep you on track, suppose you are doing a job meanwhile feel, you feel that it is impossible to complete at this movement strong dedication will make to keep on track.
Subsequent important things that you need to keep in your mind that is Hardwork as we all know that "Hardwork is the key of success", Dedication need hardwork to achieve any goals in your life. Take example of any successful person like "Colonel Sanders" the founder of world famous KFC restaurant. He started this at the age of 65 and now it is one of the globally well-known restaurant.

Following to dedication and hardwork the vital element to become successful or achieve goals is excellent guidance from experts like your parents they will teach you how to eat, drink and some basic social manners from a small age of your, so became a good human being, and you teachers they will provide you guidance in all fields like academics and supports and other curriculum activities.


Freaking out activities like bunking classes, making non-sense, using drugs and getting alcoholic these activities are not making any sense. Students need to get serious about their career and focus on the right path so they can get success. Enjoying high school life is sounds cool and students need to do but it should be in limit otherwise it will ruined you.

At last I want to convey some words with parents that they need to talk to their kids about their interest and guide them how they can take them on right path and make their career in progressive way. Parents are the first teacher of the kid they need to calmly talk and understand reasons if kid is not doing good in academics and doing some freaking activities it is better to talk instead of sought on kid.
Each student have different capability to learn things so we cannot assume that each kid so same in the all activities. Some are good in sports and some are other activities so there is no need to compare kids it is important to enhance their skills so they can make their future bright.




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